Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Enough Automotive, Back to Railroad Modeling Soon

A Car Guy

I am a car guy, no two ways about it and have been since is was a small boy. My late father was a car guy, he also liked motorcycles and trains, so do I, I'm a chip off the old block for sure. I have also enjoyed automotive modeling since the 1950's.

The Fall Meet at Hershey

The Hershey Region of the Antique Automobile Club Of America (AACA) hosts one of the largest antique automobile events in the world. This meet is held annually during the first week of October in Hershey Pennsylvania. I have been attending this meet since the early 1970's.

This 300+ acre meet now in it's 61st year has almost 10,000 flea market spaces, 1000 car corral spaces (antique cars for sale) and finishes up with an antique car show that hosts about 1500 amazing entrants. Approximately 250,000 enthusiasts come from all over the world to attend this four day meet.  If interested, I'm sure one could see much about this meet on the web by just entering, the fall meet at Hershey or on You Tube.

I am responsible for a large segment of this meet. My involvement has kept me quite busy and away from modeling for the last two months and still a few weeks to come, but this is all well with me because I enjoy this meet so much.

There are many many interesting things to see at Hershey, below are just a couple from this years meet.

Steam Car

In the photo below I have a perplexed look trying to figure if this is a rolling still or a steam car or both. Turns out it is a steam car with tender. Wow, what a cool modeling project this would be!

Click to enlarge

Pedal Car

Short story here. I wanted a pedal car very badly when I was a small child. Never got one, never even sat in or steered one, most likely for lack of parental funds. In retrospect though, I did get a 1950 Lionel Scout train set which lead to a life long interest in model railroading, thank you Mom and Dad!

My two children all to well knowing the pedal car saga and feeling sorry for me kindly gave me a die cast model pedal car one Christmas and I love it, but still can't sit in it or do some steering.

Finally a pedal car I can sit in! This pedal car was displayed at the meet. The owner graciously let me sit in and do a little steering although the wheel is a little cumbersome, thank you sir!

This is reverse modeling in a grand fashion, probably about 6:1. Completely built by the owner, what a work of art!

Back to Model Railroading.

Soon my responsibilities with the Hershey Meet will be over and I will be back to posting about my modeling efforts, looking forward to it, till then, Joe

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  1. That 6:1 pedal car is a hoot! Thanks for the post!