Sunday, May 20, 2018


Unusual Baggage/Express Car

In the large format photo below there is an unusual baggage/express car behind an EP-3 electric, the oddity being that this car has a vestibule on one end.

There is no readable lettering to determine what railroad this car is from. The perspective caused by the photo's angle makes it hard to determine the length of the car, it maybe about 70' or less? The car may have 6 wheel trucks? Converted combine?

Foreign road baggage/express cars frequented Danbury in the era of the layout, this diversity adds a visual interest to model operations, therefore I would like to scratchbuild/kitbash a model of this car if enough information/photos can be obtained.

Help Needed

Can anyone identify this car and/or the railroad it came from?

Additional photos of the car? Official railroad drawings? Colors?

Any help or lead appreciated!!

J. W. Swanberg photo, Danbury, CT 1958. Author's collection

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