Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rubber Tired M-10000?


Management duties of a large portion of the AACA Eastern National Fall Meet at Hershey Pennsylvania has kept me quite busy over the last two months and away from modeling. One of the great rewards though of this voluntary work is that I sometimes have the opportunity get behind of the wheel of some extraordinary vehicles.

This amazing vehicle's design appears to combine part Union Pacific M-10000 and part Pullman, one can only imagine the excitement the sight this 49 foot long luxury recreational vehicle must have generated on the roads of 80 years ago.

The stylish aerodynamically designed custom cab was built by Standard Carriage Works of Los Angeles on a Reo chassis. The cab had pullman berths for the "engineer and pilot" with toilet facilities.

The trailer named "Vagabond" featured a full galley, full bathroom facilities with laundry, pullman berths, steam heat, air conditioning and an elevated "bridge" in front where the owner could sit and observe the passing countryside and communicate with the cab by telephone or coded bell signals. The original craftsmanship of this vehicle is outstanding.

You can read a short summary of the Vagabond here, or a more detailed article about Glenn Curtiss and aerocars here. I bet that the Glenn Curtis Museum of Hammondsport NY would like this vehicle in it's collection.

The Fall Meet at Hershey is a first week in October annual event that I started attending 45 years ago, I highly recommend going to the meet even if you are not an auto enthusiast because there is so many interesting things to see at the show. This Car and Driver article from 3 years ago sums it up well.

Some interesting modeling projects coming up this fall, back to the bench soon!


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