Thursday, July 23, 2015


This is a brief look at the "givens", originally two separate bedrooms that the conjoining wall was removed along with the closets to make one 14' x 27' layout room. These photos show the bare layout space before construction began.

First photo shows the East wall with the two original bedroom doors still in place and a pluming access hatch, nothing can be built along this wall. Photo also shows South wall with electrical cabinet, window and heating, access to these can not be blocked.

East & South Walls 

Second photo again shows South wall and the West wall, West wall is where shelf portion of the layout will be built.

South and West Walls

Third photo shows North wall with window and heat, access to these also can not be blocked and again East Wall.

North and East walls

Not the space for a basement empire, but a pleasant space and one that I am thankful to have.

Next time we'll look at some benchwork.


  1. A very pleasant space indeed, Joe. I think "nice place to build a layout" beats "large but unfriendly place to build a layout" any day - because you'll actually look forward to spending time in this room.
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

    1. Thanks Trevor, I do indeed enjoy being and working in this layout room! I have had unfriendly spaces before for past layouts but made the best of it and still enjoyed the layouts none the less.
      I see you still have some time to accomplish some very nice modeling during your remodel which I hope Is going well!

      Cheers, Joe