Sunday, July 5, 2015

Journal Introduction

Signal Station 199 was the official designation of an interlocking control point on the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, more commonly this interlocking was referred to as Berkshire Junction. This junction located in Danbury Connecticut is where the Berkshire Line leaves a shared trackage with the New Haven's East-West freight gateway Maybrook Line then solely heading North following at first the Still, then Housatonic River valleys to the line's termination at Pittsfield Massachusetts. I chose to name this journal Signal Station 199 because it is an integral location on my layout and first to be viewed when entering the layout room, but more importantly, I just liked it!

I have always been intrigued by scale miniatures, transportation models in particular and trains are at the top of that list. Building things is a passion of mine, scale modeling a favorite. I most enjoy building prototype subjects that have not been modeled in scale before. I like to explore new techniques and or mediums in the process of anything that I build when possible, sometimes venturing from the normal in a way that suites my needs but such methods are not to be construed by others as the correct way, only as fodder for one's thoughts.

As this journal begins my Berkshire layout has been under construction for a few years with time spent planning and in design beforehand. Beginning journal posts will document construction up to the current status of the layout, thereafter at first hand thru to completion. Integrated within the construction phase and then going forward posts will subject equipment, structures, scenery, operations and what ever else may come to mind.

Welcome to Signal Station 199, Joe Smith

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  1. Hey Joe and Welcome to Blogland!! Congratulations - the blog looks great! REALLY looking forward to following your progress here and learning some new things along the way as well.