Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Type B Bracket Put To Use

The photo below shows one side of the peninsula support brackets (Type B) with the upper level plywood, cork roadbed and track in place. This is one of the six modeled locations on the layout, once completed the scene will represent Berkshire Junction. In this southern facing photo, the double track Maybrook Line is on the left and the single track Berkshire Line heads north on the far right. Alco RS-1 switcher 0665 has just entered Stearns Siding just north of Berkshire Junction.

The support brackets for the storage shelf above provide a solid mounting point for a single row of 4' T8 Florescent lighting fixtures. These fixtures are attached to 1"x2" dimensional lumber pieces that span from one bracket to the next then fixed in place at the notches cut into the ends of each bracket. The 1x2's will also be the mounting surface for a future lighting valance.

The two pieces of 1"x4" dimensional lumber that span the distance between each bracket will help support the next shelf above and provide a surface to glue the foam board "sky" above the scene below.

The 4"x4" vertical posts will be further utilized as a firm mounting surface for the joints in the Masonite backdrop.      

This is a north facing photo of the same scene. The modeled Signal Station 199 structure will be located to the left of the crossover as in the prototype photo featured in the blog header.

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