Monday, May 2, 2016

Modeling Danbury - Signature Structures, Electric Service Group, Part 1

The Danbury electric service group was a small cluster of structures necessary to preform routine refueling, sanding and light maintenance services for the New Haven electrics assigned to Danbury for their round trips between Danbury and Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

This service group was comprised of three basic structures, a pump house for refueling the steam boilers necessary for train heat, a steel sanding tower and an elevated platform for access to the top of the electrics. These structures were located quite literally at the northern most end of the New Haven electrification zone in the yard at Danbury.

Photo below points out the structures necessary to model the service group.

Peter C. McLachlan photo

The Pump House

The assumption is that the pump house protected the pumping equipment that was used to draw kerosene from an underground storage tank to refuel the steam boiler in the electrics.

The structure no longer stands, only three photos from the modeling era were found to aid in the building of the model, the one above and the two below.

Click to enlarge photos.

It appears from the photos that the structure had a foot print of approximately 6' x 8' and a height of
9' at the peak of the roof, a door on one long side and a small window on the other.

The Model

Using the dimensions above model was assembled at the same time as SS 198 reviewed in the last blog post, the same scratch build modeling technique with styrene was used.

Two photos before painting

The finished model along with SS 198, the opposite side can be seen in the last blog post.

Next post will cover modeling the steel sanding tower.

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