Friday, July 12, 2019

Signal Station 199

Finished Model

Below are several photos of the finished models of Signal Station 199 interlocking tower and accompanying coal shed. Both structures have a light coat of preliminary weathering to be finished when the structure is blended into the Berkshire junction diorama.

These two photos show the rear of the structures, this is the side that will face the operators aisle.

Below is the rear and east facing sides.

The rear and west facing sides.

The next two photos are of the track side of the structures. This is the side of SS-199 that usually appears in photos of the prototype, but unfortunately will be difficult to see once the structures are placed on the layout.

The east and track sides.

The west and track sides.

This is a seperate photo of the base plate with retaining wall that will prototypically entegrate the structures into the track grade embankment.

The final photo shows where SS-199 will be placed into the layout.

Much terrain and scenery work along with other details will finish the Berkshire junction diorama in the coming months.


  1. Joe it looks great. I like the weathering on the concrete.

  2. Hello, I noticed that you used Micro-Mark's yellow brick paper awhile ago on your station and I was wondering if you knew where to get some maybe at a particular hobby shop because I can't seem to find any online. -Thanks, Matt.

    1. Matt,

      Unfortunately Micro-Mark no longer has the yellow brick paper unless they have recently restocked. I don't know why I think this was a great product, they also had several colors of self adhering roof shingle papers but only one color now.

      I don't know of any vendor that had these papers other than Micro-Mark.