Friday, February 7, 2020

Alco RS-3's On The Berkshire Line - Part 2

The first of the four RS-3's, number 555, is painted in the mid 1950's red-orange and black Herbert Matter designed "McGinnis" new corporate image scheme.

A basic weathering coat has been applied, when the other three are painted will finish up weathering on all with some Pan Pastels.

Remaining three will be in the paint booth soon for warm orange & green delivery schemes.


  1. Nice work Joe. What brand of paint did you use for the 409 red-orange?

  2. Always great to read your post Joe.Very well detail and amazing paint!

  3. Thanks guys. I used Badger Model Flex #16-182 "New Haven Red Orange"


  4. Great explanation of your techniques and great paint job(Going to use your method for my RS3). Just a quick question though, I noticed that the engineers side N on the hood has no serif but he the opposite side does; is this something particular to 555? I thought only the GP9's got the N with a serif.