Sunday, August 16, 2015

Benchwork Finale

I have been told by a good friend that the descriptions of my work in past posts have been confusing. I am not a writer and recognize so. I do not have an ability to describe things cogently, this should have been explained in the journal introduction and I apologize for not doing so.

If there is anything in this journal that you are interested in that has not been adequately described to your understanding please feel free to ask for a better description and I will do my best to accommodate you.
- Joe

Wall mounted Benchwork

Below are a few photos of the wall mounted shelf type benchwork. To the right is a bare bracket, progressively moving to the left the 12 gauge bus wire for the DCC,  plywood for the upper modeled level (Danbury), backdrop and lighting have been added.

Further along in the construction this photo demonstrates the lack of supporting legs along the front edge of the layout leaving unobstructed floor access for chairs, vacuuming and operators' legs that was originally desired.

This last photo shows the 5 levels that the wall mounted plywood brackets and benchwork will support and also providing access locations to the helix on this portion of the layout.

From the top level,

1...Staging for Maybrook NY interchange yard, road switcher and caboose shown on this level.
2...Danbury CT. with a short passenger consist. This is a modeled level with lighting.
3...Staging for south of Danbury CT, RDC located there in this photo.
4...State line MA. interchange yard, this too will be a modeled level with lighting. No shelf present yet in this photo where the  two RS-3's are exiting the helix.
5...Bottom level with single road switcher, this is the staging for the B&A RR that interchanges with the NH in State line MA.

Next post will take a brief look at how the heights of the decks were determined.

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