Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Broadway Limited NH I-4

The brake platform on a box car spotted at the Danbury freight house is a good vantage point and a safe distance from the 11000 volt catenary to photograph the newly delivered Broadway Limited Imports New Haven I-4 .

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New Haven electric EP-3 #357* with train #140 originating from Grand Central Terminal in New York City arrived at 10:19 am to the north end of the electrified portion of the Berkshire Line at Danbury CT. Motor 357 and a 70' baggage express car have been cut off.

In this photo, I-4 #1357 has backed down to the remaining portion of north bound #140 waiting at the curved platform of Danbury station and has coupled onto the 15' apartment RPO to complete the engine change. The engineer of 1357 is waiting for a yellow flag to be displayed from Signal Station 198 signifying the crossover to the east bound Maybrook line has been aligned for the scheduled 10:29 departure to complete the remaining 89 mile run north on the Berkshire to the trains termination at Pittsfield MA.

* EP-3 #357 is currently being scratch built. An in progress photo of 357 can be viewed within the Trevor Marshall article and photo coverage of the N. E. Prototype Meet in the August 2015 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, page 44.


  1. And a handsome I-4 that is, too!
    Joe, I love the look of your layout. That combined catenary/signal bridge is sweet, and the warning sign is a lovely touch. I also like the buildings in the background - care to share some more overall views of this area in a future post?
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

  2. Hey Joe! Love the description accompanying the photo - and the I-4 looks great on your layout (not surprisingly - great model and great setting!) Just got my I-4 last night, though it's hasn't visited Rocky Hill yet Congrats!