Sunday, August 9, 2015

Backdrop and Sky Installed

Photo below shows the lower level location below Berkshire Junction., this will be Housatonic MA. Here the Masonite backdrop has been screwed in place with the joints meeting at the centerline of the 4x4 posts as described in the last post. Later these joints will be taped and finished to a smooth surface with joint compound.

The extruded foam board "sky" is also being installed, shown here temporarily held in place to the bottom of the shelf bracket above while the adhesive cures using scrap pieces of Masonite as spring clamps.

Satin black Masonite lighting valance is also in place in photo below

The 90 degree joint between the foam board and Masonite could be coved for a better finished look but the joint is mostly out of the line of sight and will only be caulked leaving a small radius.



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