Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Scenery for Berkshire Junction part 2

Additional structures

The below photo of Berkshire junction shows there were two additional small railroad structures near signal station199 and coal shed, these are circled in red. This photo came to my attention at an opportune time when they can be modeled and blended into the scene before any foliage is applied to the foam board terrain. Thanks to Chris Adams of The Valley Local for sending this timely photo. A note about this photo, there was a large structure in the left of this photo that has been edited out for clarity because on the layout that structure would be operators aisle therefore not modeled.

The two additional structures have been modeled and will be blended into the terrain before adding foliage to the foreground scene, prototype photo above shows this area very grassy/weedy.  

Base ground cover

A basic ground cover has been added to the terrain against the backdrop and the separating hill between the Berkshire line in the foreground and the Maybrook line behind the hill in the below and previous photo.

The foam board terrain was painted with a flat dark green color then covered with black poly fiberfill. Woodland Scenics #T1341 earth and #T1344 Burnt Grass Fine Turfs are sprinkled randomly over the poly fiberfill and affixed with a spray of matte medium thinned 4:1 with water.

Next is to add trees. This scene needs trees, a lot of trees! Made a small start in the far distance in the above photo, more on adding the trees next time.


  1. The scene is coming along beautifully (and quickly) and will certainly make a statement when entering the room. It will be interesting to see how you disguise the "mousehole" along the curve in photo 2. Thanks for sharing!

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