Sunday, January 17, 2021

Scenery for Berkshire Junction Part 4

Forestry complete

Making and planting Super Trees is completed for now. It took a full value case of Super Tree material, 2 quarts of the "Cheshire Branch" foliage blend (1 part #T1346 "weeds" and 2 parts #T1349 "green blend" of Woodland Scenics fine turfs) and 3 cans of Aqua Net hairspray. Not sure how many trees that made but it filled in the scene enough that it is pleasing to my taste. Some static grasses have been added. 

Lots more to do next, the foreground area between the tracks and front of the scene needs vegetation and a facia installed. Some electric cabinets, a phone box and other details will finish up.

Below are some photos of the scene with the planted trees.

RS-3 #555 idles with NE-5 caboose #555 on Stearns siding, these were the first to run into the scene since scenery work started, needed a photo mark the occasion.



  1. Beautiful work Joe! Boy - that really filled in nice, and the scene looks absolutely gorgeous! Extra nice touch having Pete M's 555 along with matching caboose! And the weedy look of the track is spot on. Very inspiring and loving following along!

  2. Looks great! You sure have captured the feel and look!

  3. The "mouse hole" certainly disappeared! Fine Work.

  4. Joe, I'm always amazed at the quality of your work. Another beautiful scene.

  5. Thanks all. The scene is starting to come together and I am pleased so far but still much to do!