Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Scenery for Berkshire Junction part 7

The scenery at Berkshire Junction is finished for now, there is always room for improvement and more scenery and details may be added as time passes. Stepping back now operating trains thru the diorama things that could improve the scene will be added as they come to light. It is a pleasure to have the plywood finally covered and seeing the landscape below when first walking into the layout room.

Looking railroad east.

Signal Station 199 structures west side.

Signal Station 199 east side.

Overview of the junction. 

Double track Maybrook freight main in the rear. 

The crossover from the east bound Maybrook to the west bound Maybrook used by Berkshire bound trains is in front of SS-199.

Switch from the west bound Maybrook, this is the beginning of the Berkshire line to Pittsfield Mass and the Lakeville Conn and State Line Mass branches followed by the switch for west end of Stearns siding.

Switch for west end of Stearns siding.

View of entire diorama looking west. An important junction, but in the middle of nowhere.

Freight cars on Stearns siding awaiting pickup by west bound freight NO-6 to Maybrook NY interchange yard.

The Berkshire Junction diorama is one of six prototype locations modeled on the layout its location is underlined in BLUE below.


  1. Stunning! Outstanding execution, Joe. This is such a neat contrast from your Danbury diorama, too. I have an affinity for railroad infrastructure sitting quietly in the middle of nowhere, awaiting a train. You have nailed it with this project, my friend. Now, about that video....
    -Jim Dufour

  2. Thanks Jim, now where did I put that camera?

  3. It looks fantastic Joe, I can only hope mine will eventually look that good!

  4. Superb job, Joe. I can hear the crickets chirping as I wait for the next Maybrook train to go by.

  5. Joe that's a fantastic scene1 The structures are superb as are the trees and overall scene. The rodding detains look great!
    -Bill Chapin

  6. Just catching up and - WOW! - this is really looking FANTASTIC Joe!!! Can’t wait to see it again in person!