Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Modeling the Dudley #4


The sides, baggage doors, and roof were snapped in place in the photo below so the resin baggage car end could be glued in place. The sides, ends, vestibule doors and baggage doors were painted POLLY Scale Engine Black. 

All undercarriage equipment has been located using Pullman plan 2915E below. Undercarriage equipment, trucks and roof will be painted a 50/50 mix of POLLY Scale Engine Black & Grimmy Black.

When the car sides are separate parts to be installed onto the core it is most efficent to completely finish these parts while still on the flat.

After painting the sides they were decaled, Dullcoted, glazing installed finishing with the shades.

Below all parts ready to be attached to the core.


The 1952 NYNH&H RR  floor plan below is the latest known interior arrangement, this is the plan that is modeled.

The dinning area layout modeled per drawing above. Some "kitcheny" parts from the scrap box although not exact offer something stainless steel to see thru the 4 small windows of the ex-baggage door.


Both sides of the completed Dudley, now ready to serve on the Berkshire 1957.

These are the 3 food service cars used on the Berkshire in 1957.

Narrows Light, Diner # 5247 (Dreadnought) & Dudley.

A model consist entering Danbury with the same equipment as in the J. W. Swanberg photo that inspired modeling the Dudley.

Thank you.

A sincere thank you to J. W. Swanberg, John S. Horvath, Tom Madden and articles in the Shoreliner magazine offered by the nhrhta.org  Their assistance made modeling the Dudley possible. 

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