Sunday, November 27, 2022

Modeling State Line Interchange Yard part 6

Make it Green

A covering of Scenic Express 2MM blended color static grass has been applied to the remainder of the State Line yard, this is the basic "make it green" layer put down first before finishing up later with taller grasses, bushes and trees.

The static grasses used for this below come in pre-blended colors, the Dard Green (center) is mostly used but further randomly blended in a separate container or the applicator cup with Late Summer and Forest Green in various locations within the scene for color variety.

Applied to brushed on full strength Elmer's School Glue, this material goes a long way.  

 Looking to the west end of the yard. 

Looking to the east end of the yard.

Next job is to make background trees, a lot of trees, that will take awhile!

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