Friday, January 27, 2023

Modeling the Dudley #2

Window pier panel 

Using the jig to set the inset depth of the replacement windows and panels described in the last post, seven New England Rail Service #200 Pullman paired windows and one #201 24" window were installed on each car side. Styrene window mullions and solid baggage room panels complete the window pier panels.

The baggage room doors are pressed into place for a final fit check but will remain as separate parts until the door windows are cut out, rivet detail added and for ease of primmer and painting. 

Fish plating and rivet decals added according to prototype.

Because one vestibule has been removed from the Branchline Pullman core the roof will need to be shortened as seen in the below photo. A narrow clerestory resin roof from Tom Madden lacking any venting or ducting detail will be used as a starting point.

 Completing the roof will be the next step in the build.

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